Mofro, Shooter, Earl Greyhound mash styles in Indy


JJ Grey and MOFRO, Shooter Jennings, and Earl Greyhound
The Vogue
Indianapolis, Indiana
October 2, 2009

The Vogue has changed greatly over the past 10 years; instead of rushing from the parking lot, skeptical of what or who may be lurking between parked cars, it was a casual stroll amongst band members, crew and fans taking in the sights and sounds of Broadripple. The night’s headliners, JJ Grey and MOFRO, Shooter Jennings and Earl Greyhound would soon fill the venue with slick Southern rock and roll.

shooter.jpgIf you have not yet laid witness to Earl Greyhound, they are a must see. The New York trio has been compared to Led Zeppelin for their insane snarling guitar riffs and powerhouse vocals. Matt Whyte (vocals and guitar) and Kamara Thomas (bass and vocals) interweave their vocals in a contrasting vibe that sounds as if it was laid down in 70’s. Ricc Sheridan (drums) was able to put down beats to match the bands dominate rock and roll groove. They show their versatility with “S.O.S.,” a hard hitting tune and a mod easy going, “It’s Over. “

The crowd in the Vogue would change like chameleons during the interludes of performers. When Shooter Jennings took the stage the country music song writer brought the good ole boys front and center. If they came expecting to hear strictly country music they were in for quite the surprise as Shooter disposed a greasy southern rockabilly laced with a bit of psychedelic jam.  Switching back and forth from guitar to keys he had the crowd enthralled. Matt Whyte of Earl Greyhound joined Shooter and jammed an impressive “Everything Else is Illusion,” a forthcoming tune on Shooters new album.

mofro.jpgAs the night wore on the crowd shifted again, the good ole boys traded their spots in front of center stage for a beer, relaxing and letting the next group of folks slink their way up front.  As the crowd swelled to a suffocating mass anxiously waiting for JJ Grey and MOFRO you could tell preconceived notations were left at the door, everyone was hungry for the soul funk that was about to drop. 

JJ Grey and MOFRO (formerly billed as Mofro) songs reflect JJ Grey’s love for his Southern roots. The Florida-based band consists of JJ Grey (vocals, guitar and harmonica), Daryl Hance (guitar), Anthony Farrell (organ), Anthony Cole (drums), Dennis Marion (trumpet), Art Edmaiston (saxophone) and Andrew Trube (bass).  

The gritty sound of front porch soul flavored heavily with brass filled up the venue. Grey had the crowd in overload with “Everything Good” which seemed to set the pace for a very enjoyable evening.

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