moe. treats Kansas City to a show of classics

VooDoo Lounge
Kansas City, Missouri
July 18, 2007

 Words and photos by Brian Price /

moe. is one of those bands that seems to have been around forever, yet always manages to remain relevant and fresh.  They rolled into the Voodoo Lounge at Harrah’s Casino in Kansas City on their summer tour in support of the release of their new(er) album The Conch.

As always, they brought tremendous energy, an outstanding light show and their signature sound for their dedicated Midwest fans.  It’s always fun to see a band that is functioning on a very high level, and moe. is currently at that point.  Their confidence and musical skill always shows through in their live shows and this trip to KC was certainly no exception.




moe. treated the fans to two great sets of music thatreally drew the crowd in for the ride.  Despite the new material they were there to push, they started things off by going back a decade to 1996’s No Doy with "St. Augustine."  In fact, it wasn’t until the set-ending "Wind It Up" that they even touched on anything from The Conch.

The second set way heavy on classic moe.  They started with a massive segue that touched on all eras of the band’s catalog, shifting from "Four" to "Not Coming Down" to Yodellitle, before settling in with "Down Boy."  The set finally found its way back to the meat of the huge sandwich, and finished with a reprise of "Not Coming Down."

Their encore choice, playing the Steely Dan classic "Reeling in the Years" for the first time, was a perfect example of why moe. is a band not to be missed.


Set1: St. Augustine, Threw It All Away, Jazz Wank > Y.O.Y., Tambourine, Good Trip > Wind It Up

Set 2: Four > Not Coming Down > Yodelittle > Down Boy, Okay Alright > Wormwood > Not Coming Down reprise

Encore: Reeling In the Years, Bearsong