moe. : Live, Backstage & Unplugged at All Good (VIDEO)

moe lead.jpgWhat moe. has accomplished during a storied 20-year career is nothing short of mind-blowing. But it has come only as a result of hard work.

As pioneers of the jam industry and with improvisation at their core, they have done everything from launching festivals to engaging in multiple philanthropic efforts. In the process, they have amassed one of the most devoted followings in the scene. But the men of moe. do not like to focus on what they have done in the past. Rather, they look at “everyday as a new day,” as guitarist Chuck Garvey said this past Saturday. They also take successes on stride. When referring to the album that they hope to lay down soon, guitarist Al Schnier suggested calling it “S**t Sandwich” in tribute to the “diuretic flowing of songs” that have been “piling up” since their last studio effort.

While on the scene at All Good – and in between their three scheduled gigs for the day -  moe.’s string section (Schnier, Garvey and bassist Rob Derhak) sat down with Honest Tune to perform an acoustic rendition of one of their many gems, “New York City.”


moe. : “New York City” Live, Backstage & Unplugged at All Good

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