moe.down 2014 Preview



al. schnier raging
al. Schnier raging



The fifteenth annual moe.down music festival is happening this weekend in Turin, New York and their fans couldn’t be happier to spend Labor Day weekend with their favorite band and the supporting acts like Lotus, Gogol Bordello and Les Claypool’s Duo De Twang for three days of music mayhem. moe. hails from upstate New York, and the moe.down festival has always served as a “Thank You” to their die hard fans (Known as moe.rons) with a weekend of extra long sets, featuring deeper than usual set lists and fun interactions such as a special performance with the children in attendance and even a joking “Election” for a “Mayor” of the festival itself.


With two side by side stages and no over lapping sets fans can easily see all the bands play without missing a note.  The Saranac Brewery provides a selection of  tasty craft beers, with a wide variety of food vendors, artisans and activist booths give attendees fun shopping opportunities for the rare times there isn’t music playing.  The venue itself is a ski lodge during the winter months, and the stage is set at the bottom of the run, letting the hill serve as a perfect natural stadium incline for great viewing from any angle.


The festival officially starts on Friday, August 29th and runs through Sunday, but a special Thursday entrance upgrade is available for diehards to get in, set up and listen to moe. do a sound check preview of the madness to come!

Tickets are available at the gate and HERE



P.S. Our editor, Rex Thomson, will be on hand not only covering the festival, but also running for Mayor for the fifth time in a row.  Let’s hope he finally breaks his losing streak this year!  Good luck buddy, we’re rooting for you.  VOTE REX!