moe. delivers Conch-fest at Taft Theatre


Taft Theatre

Cincinnati, Ohio

February 3, 2007


New York rock band moe. came to Cincinnati’s Taft Theatre on February 3 armed with new recording The Conch, a diverse back log of tunes, and thousands of rabid, eager fans for their unique on-stage chemistry.

Early in set one, the ensemble dipped into The Conch‘s Kurt Cobain tribute song, "Another One Gone" with bassist Rob Derhak ably handling the vocals.  Chuck Garvey’s and Al Schnier’s searing electric guitar interplay hit feverish peaks on "Buster." 

moe. invited the excited Taft patrons to a call and response version of "Spine of a Dog" before teasing them repeatedly throughout the night with extended performances of "Spaz Medicine."

Set Two traipsed once more into Conch territory with an inspired take on the ferocious "Down Boy."  Percussionist Jim Loughlin fleshed out the favorite "Happy Hour Hero" as Queen City resident Garvey regaled the Cincy crowd with powering leads that led once again into "Spaz Medicine."  The group left the stage after a heightened jam on the concert staple, "Plane Crash."

Returning to encore with "Faker" from 2001’s Dither, moe. sent many enthused road warriors out the Taft Theatre glass doors towards the band’s next destination.


Set 1: Y.O.Y., Threw It All Away, Another One Gone, St. Augustine, Again and Again, Spaz Medicine- Buster, Spine of a Dog

Set 2: Down Boy, Happy Hour Hero- She So Long- Spaz Medicine, Plane

Encore: Paranoid Android, Faker