MMJ in the Music City

My Morning Jacket

Ryman Auditorium

Nashville, TN

November 13, 2006



My Morning Jacket is no stranger to the Music City. 


Of late, Jim James has been spotted hanging out around town at shows like Undertow Orchestra, and he has spent some time recording with other Jacket members Carl Broemel and Patrick Hallahan on Bobby Bare Jr.’s recent release, The Longest Meow.  They have sold out every venue in town they have played starting with Exit In, working up to City Hall, and now the Ryman Auditorium.


Apparently they love Nashville, and Nashville loves them.


I guess it was only fitting to greet the excited crowd with “Nashville to Kentucky” to start the show.  Throughout the whole show, Jim James' stage presence enlightened his vocals.  With a literal leap into the beginning of songs and dancing his way thru bridges, he entertained with every action.  Song after song, from “Gideon” to “What a Wonderful Man” and “Off the Record” the night played out like a greatest hits show.  An air of arrogance lofted out during “Wordless Chorus” as Jim James sang out “we are the innovators, they are the imitators.”   Rightfully so, because My Morning Jacket is at the head of the pack in the modern era of rock and roll.


They continued to roll out masterful song after song. “Dondante” being a highlight of the whole evening.  Then “X-mas Curtain” and “One Big Holiday” followed.  Surprisingly enough throughout the whole evening, the crowd respected the music, and the whole performance was completely attainable.  The band seemed to be wrapping things up, and that would have been fine given the performance they had already offered up.  However a second wind must have sailed across the stage, and they continued to play for another 30 or 45 more minutes.




My Morning Jacket is the real thing.  They are growing by leaps and bounds, and with performances like this one it is no wonder.  The only down side to the success is: where do they go next?  Hopefully multiple nights at the Ryman will be the next course of action.  I cannot stand the thought of them becoming an arena band.  Maybe that is a little selfish of me, but it's almost Christmas.


I am entitled to wish.








Words/images by Brad Hodge