MLB and Bonnaroo team up to Rock The Earth



Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy takes a swing during  2007 Bonnaroo

Major League Baseball’s Access To The Show is working with Bonnaroo to donate money to one of the festival’s partner charities, Rock The Earth (


MLB is prepared to write a check of up to $5,000 to the Rock The Earth based upon artist participation in the back stage batting cages.  For each positive contact out of 10 swings (resulting in the ball’s forward motion) made by a performing artist in the batting cages, MLB will contribute a donation to Rock The Earth.

The fans will be participating as well.  For every Bonnaroo attendee who steps in to the MLB Road Show batting cages in Centeroo, MLB’s Access To The Show will add 1$ to the sum.

It will be a team effort among the artist and fan community.  At this year’s Bonnaroo, Major League Baseball’s Access To The Show endeavors to bring together three of America’s greatest past times.  Baseball, Live Music, and supporting a great cause.