Middle Brother : Self-Titled


Likening Middle Brother to a co-op rather than a "super group" does this trio of youthful wordsmiths justice.

Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes, Matthew Vasquez from Delta Spirit and Deer Tick’s John McCauley take turns in the driver’s seat on the band’s eponymous debut, steering through unique songs from each of their respective catalogues. And as expected, the troubadours offer up divine harmonies and poetic storytelling. The 12 songs boast all original material, with the exception of a gracious cover The Replacement’s "Portland," and much like the individual artists’ own projects, Middle Brother seems to knit a quilt of Americana.

Musically exciting, and lyrically real and heartfelt, this is certainly an exciting project; one that will hopefully continue to collectively pull together for the greater good of songwriting and musical exploration.  

Middle Brother is out now on Partisan Records.