Michelle Shocked : Soul of My Soul

michelle_shocked_soul_main.jpgMichelle Shocked continues to trail-blaze on her alluring disc, Soul of My Soul.

Part social political commentary, part rhythm and blues gem, Soul of My Soul finds Shocked grooving to her own whimsy on the rattling "Ballad of the Battle of the Ballot and the Bullet, Pt 1: Ugly American." A rocking tango on "Waterproof" has Shocked collaborating with producer Devin Powers to capture a radio-friendly formula that extends to the flirting teaser, "Paperboy." 

Yet, it is the stronger material, like the skewering Bush-era nugget "Other People" and the pulse pounding smooth soul classic "Liquid Prayer," that discovers Michelle Shocked at the top of her recorded game. Still, for those that love her schizophrenic choice of genre hop-scotching, one cannot go wrong with the punk-infused, head-banging "Giant Killer."

And, that’s the appeal of Michelle Shocked’s Soul of My Soul. There’s never a dull moment, just a talented artist spinning relentlessly in her elemental environment, the studio.     

Soul of My Soul is out now on Mighty Sound.