Megapuss : Surfing

megapuss.jpgWanting a break from their better known musical exploits, Devendra Banhart, along with Priestbird drummer Gregory Rogove, The Strokes’ Fabrizio Moretti ,and Noah Georgeson formed Megapuss and have released the eccentric yet inviting Surfing on Vapor Records.

Less of a new direction than a reason to dabble in an archaic scrabble of movements from a lost songbook of yesteryear, Surfing serves to whet the appetite of those looking to indulge in a fracturing, heady trip of pissed-off, psychedelic, monster riffing. Take the title track, which begins in a dreamy state replete with harps and cascading piano chords, and morphs into a brief island salsa groove. It’s all fun, of course, and "Lavender Blimp," "Adam & Steve," and "Theme From Hollywood" expose the bright talents of Banhart and Rogove through intricate compositional structures and enlightened instrumental variations. That said, it will be interesting to see how the likes of "Mister Meat (Hot Rejection)" and "A Gun on His Hip and a Rose on His Chest" hold up through time.

But, overall Surfing is an entertaining amusement that could possibly lead to Megapuss finding more inspiration the next time around.       

Surfing is out now on Vapor Records.