McCarthy Trenching : Calamity Drenching

mccarthy_trenching_calamity_drenching.jpgDan McCarthy writes songs for every man. Simple verse; sparse, dust-laden instrumentation; and Midwestern ease color his work as McCarthy Trenching, both on his eponymous debut and sophomore release, Calamity Drenching.

Through stripped down, unadorned compositions, McCarthy depicts everyday people and places under a situational magnifying glass. A cassette tape thrown out the car window unveils a love story that “unravels so easily” in “The Cassette Tape Massacre.” Parlor piano propels “The Most Attractive Disguise,” lamenting those who perpetually seek love. “Scoop Shovel Blues” rides humble bass and an easy blues riff to illustrate life when “I am standing here neck deep, and all I’ve got in this world is a pretty good head.”

McCarthy Trenching’s music brims with eloquent simplicity, and Calamity Drenching boasts barroom stories of the common man, served up with a hearty pint of humility and style.

Calamity Drenching is out now on Team Love Records.