Matisyahu to return to Stubb’s on August 18

Five years after releasing his groundbreaking live album Live at Stubb’s, Grammy-nominated artist Matisyahu has announced the second installment in this series, Live at Stubb’s: Vol II, set for release in early 2011. On August 18, Matisyahu will return to Austin’s famed music venue Stubb’s for the recording. Matisyahu’s original Live at Stubb’s album, released on April 19, 2005, has sold 694,892 copies to date, reached #1 on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart and spawned one of Matisyahu’s most recognizable anthems, Top 40 hit “King Without A Crown.” Live at Stubb’s: Vol II is the first release from Matisyahu since his 2009 critically acclaimed studio album Light, which debuted inside the Billboard Top 20. For more on Live at Stubb’s: Vol II and the August 18th show, including ticket information, please visit

Matisyahu has shown an incredible artistic evolution throughout his career. His performance at Stubb’s on August 18 will showcase the musical strides that he has achieved with his distinctive sound that has brought him to the forefront of today’s music landscape. Backed by his band, Brooklyn’s The Dub Trio, Matisyahu has rediscovered his love for roots reggae, brilliantly re-vamping vocal and instrumental arrangements that breathe new life into the music. The incandescent performer and his band will perform brand new songs as well as songs from his celebrated catalogue, which includes three studio LPs, 2004’s Shake Off The Dust…Arise, 2006’s Youth and 2009’s Light ,and two live albums, 2005’s Live at Stubb’s and 2009’s Live at Twist & Shout. As with all Matisyahu performances, improvisation will be at the core of this live set, making the recorded album a time capsule for the magic that will be created on stage.

With prolific lyrics, anthemic choruses and his signature fusion of reggae, pop-rock, hip-hop, ska-inflected new wave and acoustic folk, Matisyahu has broken boundaries through his music and has unified millions of fans with his music and message of peace, hope and understanding. Since recording Live at Stubb’s on February 19, 2005, Matisyahu has gone on to become one of the most beloved and pioneering artists in music today with Stubb’s holding a special meaning for him and his fans.

Says Matisyahu, “In 2005 I told my newly married, pregnant wife that I was going to pursue my dream of being a musician and promised her that when I returned she’d see my picture on the ad at Virgin Records that we had just walked by. About a month into my first offical tour, I signed a record deal and we recorded Live at Stubb’s in one night in Austin. We didn’t do anything different that night than we had been doing; we just played high-energy show and did what we did. A couple of months later “King Without a Crown” was on the radio and a few months after that I was walking with my wife in Manhattan. Sure enough, we passed that very same record store and my picture was in the window.

Over the last few years I’ve tried to develop as an artist and grow as a person, husband and father.  I’ve tried to find meaning in my life and to write songs that come from my heart.  There has been one constant and that has been performing.  I’ve always believed in the magic and journey that can happen at a show and I’ve always strived to create that moment for the audience and myself.  I’ve tried to break down the notion of the audience coming to watch me perform and to allow myself to get into the music as if I was a listener and embark together as one—band, myself, and audience members—into the space and to have a musically driven spiritual experience.  I believe that to some extent we accomplished that on the first “Live at Stubbs” record and it is time to try and take up where we left off.  I believe I and my sound have been evolving over the last five years and I am excited to present this evolution and fresh sound in this new record.”

Since the release of Light, single “One Day” reached crossover success and was chosen as the theme song for the 2010 NBC Winter Olympics campaign. Matisyahu has been touring around the globe, playing to sold-out crowds in Australia, South America and North America. He recently contributed his rendition of “Circle of Life” to the recently released Disney Reggae Club Album (Walt Disney Records), a new collection of classic Disney songs brilliantly reinterpreted by some of today’s most talented reggae artists. After a tour earlier this summer with Sublime with Rome, Matisyahu is now on the road for a run of North American headlining shows.