Martin Sexton : Solo

martin_sexton_solo.jpgMartin Sexton has been singing and playing his guitar since he left Syracuse, New York for the street corners of Boston, and his album, Solo, offers an audio (and DVD) portrait of the artist in his native element – the stage.

 Sexton conjures an extended family of voices and instruments to produce riveting entertainment on such songs as "How Far I’ve Come" and the bewitching "So Long Suzanna." He draws upon original compositions on Solo from recorded works, both autobiographical and intricately emotional,  like 1998’s The American ("Diggin Me"), 1996’s Black Sheep ("Diner"), and 2007’s Seeds ("Happy").

Sexton’s choice of covers is inspired as well, including The Beatles’ "With a Little Help From My Friends" and Prince’s "Purple Rain." But, it is his divine interpretations of the his own voice and guitar on the stunners "Candy" and "There Go I" that brings back the Sexton army of followers time and again.

Solo presents Martin Sexton at his very best, and offers the uninitiated a full dose of the master folk songwriter at play. 

Solo is out now on Kitchen Table.