Martin Sexton: Seeds

Seven years between original recordings today might endanger an artist's recognition and outward profile, but Martin Sexton’s rabid enthusiasts and fellow artists have kept him in an unusually bright spotlight.  Naturally, Seeds, his first since 2000’s Wonder Bar, is an anticipated event.

The bad news is that Seeds is not of the groundbreaking ilk of 1996's Black Sheep, which followed his transcendent debut, In the Journey.  Sexton continues to dabble in gospel and blues on “Thought I Knew Ya,” and falls short on a cover of Billy Preston's “Will It Go Round in Circles.”

Guest players Keller Williams and Nils Lofgren prop up “Goin’ to the Country” and “How Far I've Come,” but it’s when Sexton is left to just his guitar and voice on “There Go I,” “Marry Me,” and “Keep It Simple”  that Seeds astounds. 

Martin Sexton's voice is an uncommon gift; let’s hope he doesn’t keep it silent for so long next time.