Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands : Cody’s Dream

mark_pickeral_codys_dream.jpgThere is life after grunge. Dave Grohl stepped from behind the drum kit to lead the Foo Fighters beyond Nirvana’s successes and into the worldwide mainstream. And on a lesser scale, Mark Pickerel, drummer for Washington’s Screaming Trees, has done much the same, easing back into the spotlight with His Praying Hands and a haunting writing style that straddles the past and the present on Cody’s Dream.

Inspired by a road trip in a car without a working radio, Pickerel’s thoughts his only company, the set of 13 songs drives from the foot-stomping title track to the wasteland jukebox sway of “The Last Leaves.” Pickerel’s baritone is front and center on “Leaving with the Swamptones,” a big band jive that rides the back of lively upright bass, and his lyrics wrap around robust instrumentation on “And So Be It Then.” Each track emits clairvoyance, spirits lurking around each bend and over each hill on this ride.

Cody’s Dream is driving music; it was conceived as such, and it evolves with brisk breezes and changing scenery, mysterious towns and barren landscapes. Cody’s Dream is a one worth having, a soundtrack for late nights on the road.  

Cody’s Dream is out now on Bloodshot Records.