Mark Karan diagnosed with throat cancer

A few days back, the news broke that Mark Karan would be taking time off from touring with RatDog, with Steve Kimock taking guitar duties.  The guitarist posted a message to his web site, explaining the situation and breaking the news about being diagnosed with cancer.


From :


"ok kids, i know a lot of you have been wondering, so here's the scoop…

i have been diagnosed with a cancer of the throat. it can apparantly be a tuff kind to fight, but the good news is that it's "extremely well contained". everything looks really good for getting thru this with hard work and a good attitude. we'll be using chemo, radiation, surgery, accupuncture and any/all the other healing methods that make themselves available. we're gonna breed a multi-headed dragon to help me heal this thing!

while i know this to be an unusual approach, i am not choosing to perceive this as a battle or a fight… or even to see it as a "bad thing". i am doing my best to look at this as the eastern medicine people might. the chinese word for "crisis" is synonymous with "opportunity". i am trying to see this experience as an opportunity for growth. to do this, i am doing my best to bless this cancer and thank it for the "wake-up call" it has brought that is demanding that i make long needed changes in my diet, activity and attitude and begin to truly care for myself. i believe in the long run this experience can be of great value to me and possibly even be valuable to many of my friends, familiy and fans (also my "family"). having already begun to embody some of these changes, i now feel that the message has been successfully delivered and that it is time for the messenger, the cancer, to move on. it is no longer needed here. that is my current mission… to move it out of my body.

it is not time for me to leave the planet yet. i have faith that i'll be around for a long while. any thoughts, meditations and/or prayers any of you offer are more than welcomed. e-mails are best sent to my website at, as both maile's and my inbox have already been absolutely overloaded with tons of good wishes! i am truly blessed by all the concern and wonderful kynd thoughts i have already received. thank you.

it's likely to be a tough road for a while, but i truly believe this too shall pass and "that which does not kill us makes us stronger". i will not be touring this summer. i'll be staying home and healing, building strength and hopefully joining you all again this fall.

meanwhile, we're doing our best here at home to stay up & positive. it's not always easy and we haven't even started the treatments yet, but i have a LOT of faith that i'll come thru it all ok… maybe even better than ever.

much love to all of you…