Maria Muldaur : Maria Muldaur and Her Garden of Joy

maria_muldaur_garden.jpgA blast from the past, Maria Muldaur has put together one of the best recordings of her career on the highly listenable release, Maria Muldaur and Her Garden of Joy.

Enlisting veterans such as John Sebastian, David Grisman, and Taj Mahal, Muldaur creates a loose, swinging studio environment that translates well to disc. Starting with Dan Hicks’ wry ‘The Diplomat," Muldaur and company take old-time rhythms and glue them together with the grooving jazz of Hicks’ lyrics. "The Ghost of St. Louis Blues" is classic Muldaur, with the legendary blues diva belting out a tribute bound by B. Curtis’ wordplay and compositional handiwork. "Let It Simmer" again returns to Dan Hicks’ territory, and Muldaur vamps it up with an entertaining nod and a wink to the dry humor within the song.

An artist at the top of her craft, and a careful, detail-oriented producer, Maria Muldaur is sure to win over new converts with the fun and playful treats that exist inside the winning album, Maria Muldaur and Her Garden of Joy.

Maria Muldaur and Her Garden of Joy is out now on Stony Plain Records.