Mare Wakefield : Ironwood

mare_wakefield_ironwood.jpgMare Wakefield breaks out on the solidly uncompromising recording Ironwood. A distinctive, intrinsically coordinated effort, Ironwood is more than the sum of its parts, and stands powerfully as a cohesive whole.

A bright singer and instrumentalist with a fine-edged insight into life, its folly and its sublime pleasure, Wakefield opens the disc with the sweet sounding arrangement, "Enjoy the View." Drawing parallels to the modern female guitarist/songwriter, Wakefield soars above convention on the alluring track, "Enough Bad Love." Both "Dreams Come True" and "Together Alone" benefit from Wakefield’s backing unit of Tommy Perkinson on drums, Nomad Ovunc on bass and keyboards and Joe Rathbone on electric guitar.

Produced by Ovunc at Audio Authorities in Nashville, Ironwood mines Mare Wakefield’s thought-provoking and pensive inner direction, and projects it onto an accepting mass of music lovers worldwide.

Ironwood is out now.