Marcus King Band wsg and Django Knight

Marcus King Band wsg/ Django Knight
The Hi-Fi, Indianapolis, Indiana
February 14, 2017
Photographer/Writer: Tyler Muir

It is rare for two acts to share one stage in the same evening and bring a breath of fresh air to two separate genres of music. It gives those who have attended concerts for years a feeling of yesteryear, and demonstrates to the younger crowd a feeling of exactly how it should be done. When you add that it was Valentine’s Day, and in the best venue in the city, it almost had poetic charm. Those in attendance will be discussing this show with anyone that will listen until both these acts return to Indianapolis, and probably even longer.


The 22-year-old hometown kid, Django Knight, opened the night with his own take on rhythm and blues. On guitar and with his three-piece band behind him, Django did not hold back and judging by the amount of sweat flying from him throughout the set, he showed the kind of energy that you should expect from somebody with that much soul. The licks coming out of his guitar would cause Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix to give him a standing ovation. When his set was over, the crowd demanded more so he had the band stay with him for him instrumental version of “The Star Spangled Banner,” which caused everyone to have to pick their jaws off the ground and need a moment to gather themselves before the Marcus King Band took the stage.


The newly renovated music venue has plenty of room for a few hundred people. There is no better venue in Indianapolis to showcase the talents of these artists than the Hi Fi. From the first note, Marcus King showed that at 20 years old, he has the spirit of someone who has been on the road for decades. Southern rock and soul has needed someone like him for a very long time and he fills the void in a way words can do no justice. Talking to those in the crowd, there was a common feeling of relief to have someone like Marcus carrying the torch,  some saying it had been 40 years since they have felt that feeling live.


Marcus was the second guitar virtuoso to take the stage that night, and his lyrics are those of an old soul. “Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with That” was the perfect showcase of his all around talent. From the lyrics to the licks, it does not get any better than that for a singer songwriter on electric guitar. Just in case there were skeptics of his depth, when he put his own spin on the Beatles classic “Dear Prudence,” it was enough to make a big bearded guy tear up and grab his woman next to him.

There is no doubt when The Marcus King Band comes back to town you will want to get your tickets early, because it will sell out. It is beyond a treat when a talented band such as them comes to Indianapolis.