Marching Band : Pop Cycle


If there is a silver lining to a gray, snowy Swedish winter, Marching Band found it while recording its sophomore release, Pop Cycle.

The band decamped to Stockholm in its native land, and, despite the gloomy environments that hung outside the studio, it beamed vibrant instrumentation matched by cold, steely smooth vocal harmonies across the album’s 11 tracks. True to its title, Pop Cycle is rich in pop nuance, guided by jangly guitars and effortless hooks, from the patient optimism of “Another Day” to the sweeping sincerity of “It’s Not Your Dream (But His).”

While Pop Cycle imbues accessibility, it is limited in its depth; the golden compositions are quickly absorbed, and leave only light impressions. But even this subtle aftertaste is enough to earn Marching Band a place in critic’s hearts. Like a dip in the pool on a summer day, Pop Cycle is refreshing for a while, but dries quickly in the warmth of the sun.

Pop Cycle is out now on U & L Records.