Marc Ford leaves the Crowes

Per the Black Crowes message board,



Marc Ford "To the fans:


Yesterday, The Black Crowes were notified by Marc Ford's attorney that Marc was quitting The Black Crowes and that it was effective immediately.

The last show of The Black Crowes summer tour was on August 12, 2006. The band has since been on a three week break. On September 5, two days before the start of the fall tour which begins on September 7, The Black Crowes attorney received a fax from Marc Ford's attorney immediately terminating his agreement with The Black Crowes.

The contract between The Black Crowes and Marc Ford stipulates that Marc must provide twelve (12) weeks notice if he wishes to terminate the agreement.

I am not going to comment on the timing of this notification or the way Marc has elected to handle his personal and business affairs with The Black Crowes, however I will state as a matter of fact, that this is not the first time that Marc Ford has breached his agreement with The Black Crowes.

Paul Stacey will be performing with The Black Crowes during the upcoming fall tour and Chris and Rich are currently in discussions with other guitarists.

Pete Angelus
Angelus Entertainment"