Manchester Orchestra : Mean Everything to Nothing

manchester_orchestra_mean_everything.jpgManchester Orchestra’s sophomore release, Mean Everything to Nothing, is at once raw and polished. A talented five-piece from Atlanta, Georgia, the band, whose name belies its origins and essence – the group is neither from England nor is it an orchestra – demonstrates the ability to move from catchy indie pop to raging angst in the flick of a track.

From the hooky opener, "The Only One," to the intense vocal pyrotechnics of "Shake it Out" and the melodically pleasant "I’ve Got Friends," it’s abundantly clear that the group has a ready range of emotion and sonic expression. Other standout cuts include "My Friend Marcus," "Tony the Tiger" and the moving closing number "River."

Blending jagged  guitar , infectious keys, and classic power chord progressions, Mean Everything to Nothing offers a little something for everyone while retaining a distinct sound throughout.

Mean Everything to Nothing is out now on Sony Records.