Man Man : Rabbit Habits

man_man_rabbit_habits.jpgWhen the first oddly disjointed melodies ring out from Philadelphia noise merchants Man Man’s new album, Rabbit Habits, your first instinct is to run and hide from the carnage. But just as quickly as those odd melodies incite waves of panic and unease, you are soon bobbing your head and dancing with abandon to the weirdly comforting sounds, those disjointed melodies morphing into an unrelenting calliope of fun.

Rabbit Habits sounds like label-mate Tom Waits who, after gobbling a handful of speed, is leading a horde of psychedelic circus gorillas intent on pummeling their instruments beneath a demented circus big-top. And that’s a sincere compliment. 

Man Man’s new album is a mature step forward from their previous work.  This time around there is a little more song and a little less weird (though the emphasis is on “little”), while managing a gloriously fun trip that will set your imagination into overdrive. 

As author and outspoken fan-of-the-weird Hunter S. Thompson once wrote, “Buy the ticket take the ride.”  Please buy the ticket, you will love where Man Man takes you.

Rabbit Habits is out now on Anti-.