Macon Greyson : 20th Century Accidents

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Macon Greyson is a four -piece band with a firm handle on Southern plains garage rock with a message.  20th Century Accidents, its third full-length release, is filled with songs that instantly feel familiar, drawing listeners in with one memorable story after another. 

While these tales came from all over the map, the band is it at their best when taking a no frills, straight-forward rock approach.  On rugged, raucous tracks, such as “Minnesota Weather Map,” as well as the album’s title track, the group’s ever-present power chords will have fans waving their fists in the air, as any good rock anthem should. 

Macon Greyson’s songs are driven by Harley Husband’s loud electric guitar and the solid rhythmic back beats of drummer Badger Bass.  Lead singer Buddy Huffman delivers raw vocals that sound better-suited for a bar room than a recording studio.  That said, Huffman’s bold lyrical style perfectly compliments the band’s garage rock swagger. Together, Macon Greyson play with a warped, reckless abandoned, combining Huffman’s current social commentary with music from another time to create an album that at times seems irrational, and at others, seems brilliant.  Just the way old fashioned garage rock was meant to be played.

20th Century Accidents is out now on Fat Caddy Records.