Luke Winslow King - The Coming Tide

Luke Winslow-King : The Coming Tide

Luke Winslow King - The Coming Tide

Imagine, if you will, if Rufus Wainwright had been born in New Orleans at the turn of the century.

Witty, soulful, urbane  and Southern through and through, The Coming Tide from Luke Winslow-King strolls down the banks of the Mississippi as easily as if it was a sidewalk on Fifth Avenue. You can smell the lamp oil burning and hear the bourbon glasses clinking as a honky-tonk piano tinkles along to a bluesy trumpet.

With the renaissance that NOLA has experienced since the devastation of Katrina so many years ago, it’s a joy that someone of Winslow-King’s generation can not only embrace but enjoy and enhance music like this. If you like Dr. John and Randy Newman, you will love The Coming Tide.

The Coming Tide is out now on Bloodshot Records.