Lucero Family Block Party 2017

Lucero Family Block Party
Minglewood Hall
Memphis, Tennessee
April 22, 2017
Photos by: Josh Mintz

With threats of severe thunderstorms in the forecast, Lucero held strong to their rain or shine plans for their annual Family Block Party held on Saturday, April 22. While the rain did indeed pound Memphis in the morning, by mid-afternoon when the music started, the precipitation had died down to a not-bad-enough-not-to-go-but-just-enough-to-be-annoying level.

The day would open with William Matheny and the Strange Constellations, followed by the Sons of Mudboy and Son Volt. Lucero would close the evening as hosts and headliners. The Mighty Souls Brass Band entertained the crowd in between. 

Family obligations precluded me from shooting the headliner, but here’s shots from the rest of a fun but wet afternoon.

William Matheny and the Strange Constellations

The Sons of Mudboy

Mighty Souls Brass Band

Son Volt