Various - Thank you Les

Lou Pallo of Les Paul’s Trio and Special Guests : Thank You Les

Various - Thank you Les

When most of us hear the name Les Paul, we instantly think of the iconic and legendary Gibson guitar, one of the most popular, reliable, and highest quality electric models on the market. There is, however, an even more iconic and legendary figure in this special guitar’s namesake; a musician whose influence is so deep in American blues and rock-and-roll that his name usually comes up when legends like Keith Richards or Billy Gibbons are asked about their heroes.

Thank You Les was spearheaded by Lou Pallo of Les Paul’s Trio and features some of rock’s biggest hitters – including Richards, Gibbons, Steve Miller, and more –  paying homage to Les in the only way they know how, by blistering through his songs with a fiery passion and an audible urge to convey their appreciation. Each song is presented so that the flavor of the original is still largely in-tact, but each artist has added texture and color with their own signature sound.

Thank You Les gives the younger listener a chance to hear what Les Paul gave to the world of music, through the eyes and ears of those who knew him best.

Thank You Les is out now on Showplace Music Productions.