Lotus : Self-titled

Lotus’ transformation from organic, livetronica act to full-blown electronica collective is nearly complete. Album after album, the band has steered away from their jam-y origins into intricate dance music, and their self-titled fourth release finds the quartet even less human and more machine.

It suits Lotus well, though. Their smooth instrumentation has grown a strut and a skitter; hip-hop vocal samples emerge and repeat in broken tongues, and synths expand and collapse like a resuscitated lung. It is heavy at times, but distinct. Lotus are clearly growing into themselves. This is truly apparent in the brass bump of “Bush Pilot” which hits with anthemic, ‘70s funk glory. The celestial sparkle of “The Surf” mellows with synthetic salt-water and sunshine, and “Evergreenery” brings Boards of Canada-style ambiance to life.

The band has grown into a tight, electronic unit drawing pulsing beats and passion from their instruments. This is an aptly-titled eponymous release; a self-defining classic and their best yet. This is Lotus in full bloom.

Lotus is out now on SCI Fidelity Records.