Lotus : Hammerstrike

lotus_hammerstrike.jpgA true instrumental album can bring a listener beyond the guitar riffs and electronica, and actually affect the listener. Unfortunately, Lotus’ Hammerstrike falls slightly short of this goal. The guitars are too placid and the electric beats too flat, and the album lacks that resonating sound one might have expected from Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog, Man Man).

But as Lotus pushes the boundaries between pop and jazz, electronica and rock, there are a few gems lurking at the end of the album. What can be heard in  "Bellwether" can be heard three tracks later in "One Last Hurrah," yet whispers of greatness in "Alkaline" and "Disappear In A Blood-Red Sky" bring the album out of the monotony of the  previous tracks and highlight the true talent of the musicians.

Hammerstrike is only Lotus’ fourth studio album, so look for bigger and better releases in the future.

Hammerstrike is out now on SCI Fidelity Records.