Lotus, 5/11/12

Irving Plaza
New York City, NY
May 11, 2012



After what seemed to be weeks of rain, clouds, and grey skies, New York City was thrilled to see the big yellow ball in the sky come out. Just as thankful were Lotus fans when the sun began to doze behind the clouds because on this night, the acid jazz-infused electronica quintet from Philly would be gracing their city’s Irving Plaza stage.

As sold out as it possibly could be, fans and scalpers alike lazily congregated outside the venue doors that open into the heart of Union Square.

Once inside, the vibe was much different — an anxiety settling in over the packed house that had filled well before Lotus eventually took the stage at 10:20.

Musically, the entire evening could be summed up with two words: energetic and tight.

“Tip Of The Tongue” was huge, weaving through fast guitar riffs of Mike Rempel and the deep bass bombs from Jesse Miller that reverberated off of the song’s repetitive synthesized namesake phrase. But the best part of the number was that it served as a setup for a very well received “Moss Shoes” and an improvised “Sabrosa” (Beastie Boys) in honor of the late MCA.

The exhibition of tight and dime turning ability proved to be the catalyst to a peaking crowd and an entirely new level of frenetic excitement and also once again proved that “Moss Shoes” is one of the finest jam vehicles in the Lotus catalogue.

In short, and on the heels of the all too rare appearance of “Umbilical Moonset,” Lotus left no doubt that the heat that they had brought was something that the packed New York City house will remember. The best part is that NYC was not an exception to the rule. The band does it virtually every night.




I: Bubonic Tonic> Golden Ghost, Ashcon, Livingston Storm, Let Me In (debut), Tarasque, Massif

II: Plant your Root> Tip of the Tongue, Neon Tubes, Moss Shoes> Sabrosa (Beastie Boys) > Greet the Mind, Break Build Burn, Wax

Encore: Disappear in a Blood-Red Sky, Bellwether> Umbilical Moonset> Bellwether


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