Lotus, 2/17/11


Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, GA
February 17, 2011

Last Thursday, Lotus took the stage at Variety Playhouse to a packed house. Over the past few years, this outfit that has been refining their game for nearly a decade has seen an exponential spike in nationwide acceptance and popularity. Through their unique mash-up brand of experimental acid jazz, electronica, and rock-and-roll, Lotus has in some ways developed a genre unto themself and audiences are lapping it up. 

This night also saw the return of former drummer Steve Clemens return to the band in the capacity of percussionist, the slot once held by Chuck Morris. Though it is unclear as to whether or not this will remain the lineup, it is worth noting that the reintegration of the percussive beats was sonically pleasing, as many have expressed their longing for that sound of Lotus’ past.

Performing one set straight through, it was one long series of peaks and valleys, a journey if you will. By the time that the last note was played, the journey had taken its course and as they are known for doing, Lotus once again took us home.


Scrapple, Juggernaut, Sour Cherry (first time played), Lucid Awakening, Plant Your Root > Sunrain, Blue Giant, Suitcases > Dowrn, Invincibility Of Youth, Wax
Encore: Disappear In A Blood Red Sky, Harps

To download the audience recording of this gig, please click here.

For the soundboard recording, please click here.

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