Loquat : Secrets of the Sea

loquat_secrets_of_sea.jpgSan Francisco’s Loquat is as textured as its hometown; the Bay-blue ripples and the rolling green hills, the dense fog and the bursting blue sky, all rolled into moving orchestration and inventive delivery sculpted from rock, pop and electronica.

The quartet’s Secrets of the Sea is an air-tight collection that boasts succinct instrumentation, interlocked with digital refinements. “Harder Hit” cascades into depths of emotion, prodded by an electronic drum beat and nurtured by Kylee Swenson’s lush vocal delivery. Far from crashing, “Comedown’s Worse” intensifies until exploding into a weightless chorus, the foreshadowing first line of the track postulating, “Volcanoes have a reason for every time they blow, but as for you, the pressure mounts, relief is kind of slow.” “Shaky Like the Flu” further reveals Swenson’s lyrical ability, feeling more feverish than blue.

Loquat has emerged as one of the Bay area’s most inventive new bands, conjuring a textured collection of compositions that are stylistically innovative and marvelously succinct. Secrets of the Sea is a secret worth telling; one that is sure to spread the name Loquat across the national landscape.

Secrets of the Sea is out now on Talking House Records.