Lisa Germano_noelephants_cover

Lisa Germano : No Elephants

Lisa Germano_noelephants_cover

Songstress Lisa Germano has a clear penchant for the gothic. Morbid album cover? Check. Eerily-titled album tracks? Check. A haunting falsetto? Check. But how dark is too dark? How far is too far? On No Elephants, Germano goes deep—but does she escape?

Germano opens her disc ominously on “Ruminants,” with sounds of birds cawing and feathers fluttering. Distorted keys enter the picture, giving the track an immediate, carnivalesque feeling. Germano, though, holds out: Her breathy, feathery, falsetto of a voice doesn’t chime in until the one-minute mark. It seems a little too late, and gives the disc a timid, dream-state of a start.

Her second effort—the album’s title track—follows that same sleepy path. Germano’s voice is garbled and distant, a ghost, and the piano, her backbone.

That’s a telling trait, and one that follows No Elephants to its end. From the aptly-titled “Apathy and the Devil” and “Haunted” to the barely-there, nearly-instrumental “Back to Earth” and “Strange Bird,” Germano often stumbles and stutters through her self-made depths.

“Diamonds” and “…And So On” showcase the talent she so often hides—and one thing is clear: It’s time for Germano to find her light.

No Elephants is available on Badman Recording Co. on February 12.