Life in Rex-a-Vision with The Mantras (Video)

Hello interwebz, to quote Michael Franti … “How ya Feelin’?” 

Welcome to the inaugural edition of my (hopefully) weekly column documenting the experiences of a diehard music fanatic gone professional media weirdo. 

My name is Rex Thomson and I’m a photojournalist and videographer in the employ of our hosts here at Honest Tune. Thanks to them, I get to travel the country, seeing shows, taking photos from the pits, the stage and of course from where it really counts, with the crowd alongside the reason this site exists… you.

For an added degree of difficulty this year, I am filming a documentary styled show about my travels, my interactions with the bands and fans that make up our music scene and the way music touches all of our lives.  The show is called Rex-A-Vision and it’s an attempt to capture my unique viewpoint in a variety of real and imaginary ways. 


I’ll be searching out the way we all express ourselves and will be trying to share the creative process of others in hopes of inspiring the same in you, the viewer.

Here, in this column, I will try and share a bit of what I gather during my adventures — in the form of essays, interviews and even exclusive performances from some of the finest musicians working today.

There’s so much love, personality and wonderful music being made that I never get a chance to share due to space considerations, my general mandate to not cause my editors to die of exhaustion and an overwhelming urge to protect my good name.

Here in the world of Rex-A-Vision however, I can speak unfettered, in the first person, about my thoughts on the state of music, which cities have the best biscuits and gravy and just exactly what that smell is without those pesky corporate overlords interference or even spelling corfections. Who needs them anywaze? Oh, and it turns out that it was a cheese stick that had rolled under the seat about two months ago. Life on the road is a long and sticky journey after all.

To help me kick off the column in style, I have brought North Carolina’s own The Mantras along for the ride, in the form of an interview/live music mix up to let them share the magic of what they do.



Rex-A-Vision speaks with The Mantras


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For more on The Mantras, head over to



Well…that was pretty fun!  I should hope that you’re now sufficiently enticed to go see this fabulous bunch of musicians the next time they’re within a thousand or so miles from your home. Trust me, you’ll enjoy yourself. If you get a chance, tell them Rex said hi!


We already have several interviews and performances in the can for this column, and plenty more to come.

As part of Team Honest Tune I will be at over a dozen music festivals this summer and will most likely end up seeing a hundred some odd concerts along the way. I’ll be lugging a copious amount of video & photo gear along for the ride and in some cases, even have a film crew there to capture the madness that surrounds my life.

I truly look forward to continuing in this opportunity to share the music that keeps me going through all of life’s ups and downs — the thing that inspires me to dance and sing and share all of this love with you.

Oh, and I’m sure I’ll talk your ears off about my favorite acts like moe., Cornmeal, Galactic  and anything George Porter Jr. is involved with, along with many more. I may even work a little political speech in for good measure, as my candidacy for the highest office in music festival government — mayor of moe.down — continues for a third straight year.

So check out my photo page on Facebook, and look for these little missives weekly from your one stop shop for the best in music reviews, photos and insanity, Honest Tune.

Thanks for your time folks, and as always, Vote Rex for Mayor of moe.down 2012!