Liam Finn & Eliza Jane : Champagne in Seashells

liam_finn_eliza.jpgFor the first two minutes of the album opening “Plane Crash,” a slowly building drumbeat, some subtle keyboard work, and lush vocals create an intro that completely disguises the true personality of Champagne in Seashells. A sudden explosion of drums and electronic squeals then expose the true nature of the album, and reveal the high-intensity, electronic -tinged musical exploration that follows. 

One-man band Finn – along with his usual live partner, Eliza-Jane Barnes – has created an immediately infectious album that is bigger, more daring, and far more inventive than his last release.  Finn (son of Neil of Crowded House and Split Enz fame), has crafted an album that is closer to what he does live.  Built around his powerhouse, highly-danceable drumbeats; the various sounds he coaxes from looping his effect pedals, droning guitar, and splashes of color from multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Eliza-Jane, Champagne in Seashells is an intoxicating melodic blast that recalls the best parts of the elder Finn’s work with Crowded House, though with an updated, modern feel .

If the younger Finn’s music only aped the work of his father it would become a novelty simply for the family connection, but Champagne in Seashells takes the best part of the elder Finn, clearly passed from generation to generation, and finds the younger Finn applying his own personality and experiences to it. The result are a strong, unique statement, from an ever evolving artist.

Champagne and Seashells is out now on Yep Roc.