Lettuce (w/ The London Souls ft. Eric Krasno), 6/1/13

Lettuce w/ The London Souls ft. Eric Krasno
Cervantes’ Masterpiece

Denver, Colorado
June 1, 2013


Many things happened in 1992.  It was a year when Nirvana kicked Michael Jackson out of the number one Billboard slot and the people of the United States elected the first of two Bushes into the Oval Office.

But ’92 wasn’t all about flannel and oil prospecting. Over at Berklee College of Music, a group of young musicians met Jesus… in the form of   Erick “Jesus” Coomes.

That was June and what would transpire would be what the funk and jam scenes have come to know as Lettuce, the Royal ensemble featuring Coomes (bass), Eric Krasno (guitar) Ryan Zoidis (sax), Adam Deitch (drums) and Adam Smirnoff (guitar), Nigel Hall (vocals, keys), Neal Evans (keys) and Sam Kininger (sax).

Never ones to fail to throw a celebratory party in any city on any given night, the funk collective, has released a studio album (Fly, 2012- Velour Records) and hit the road.

On this night, the road led to Denver’s Cervantes’ Masterpiece, and to the chagrin of Mile High funkateers, the band brought friends, The London Souls, along for an extra measure of rage.

Honest Tune’s Brad Hodge was on the scene to bring back images from the action.


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The London Souls feat. Eric Krasno…