Lettuce, 6/6/12

Brooklyn Bowl
New York City, NY
June 6, 2012


With a sunburn to prove it, Lettuce was glad to be home on a recent Wednesday night. Having trekked the country, making stops at multiple places along the way, with a lengthy stop in New Orleans for Jazz Fest, the Big apple funk Royals parked their chariot at what has definitely become their home club, the Brooklyn Bowl.  But this wasn’t just an ordinary night of Lettuce at the Bowl. This was the night that the band was hosting its CD release party for Fly. Playing the album in its entirety, the fully funk-parched crowd that had been without their leaders raged from opening to close, showing true support for the material. As for the band (who were introduced by retired Knicks point guard, John Starks), they showed no mercy, rattling their hometown faithful like only they can.




Fly, Lettsanity, Ziggowatt, Madison Square, Bowler, Jack Flask, Do It Like You Do *, Play, LeT It GoGo -> Makin’ My Way Back Home *, Slippin’ Into Darkness, What Do I Have To Do To Prove My Love To You # (Marva Whitney), The Crusher, Ghost Of Jupiter, Last Suppit, Double Header, Break Out -> Relax, Move On Up *


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