Legendary Delaney Bramlett Passes Away

Delaney Bramlett, best known for his early 1970’s work with Delaney & Bonnie and Friends (a band that often featured Eric Clapton on guitar), has passed away.  While full details have yet to be released, his wife Susan posted the following statement to his website on Friday, December 26, 2008:

“We’ve made so many wonderful friends who’ve invested time, prayers & so much support over the last 7 months, I think I would feel somewhat guilty if I didn’t share the truth as we continue our struggle. Christmas Day has not been all that either of us had hoped. Delaney continued to digress during the day & had to return to the ICU this evening. I admit it was impossible for me to keep it together as this team of uniformed professionals wheeled him out of the room leaving me all alone to pack up our unopened gifts, and other belongings (as none of these things can be in the ICU, of course).


"After returning all the stuff back to the car, I was allowed to be in his room for only a few minutes. These doctors are truly amazing and working so hard to keep Delaney here. Many of you have commented that he has more music to share with the world. A few days ago, when we were able to be moved to "the floor", the only thing he had asked me to bring to him from home was his guitar & amp. Yesterday, Christmas Eve, he picked & sang for about 30 minutes. In as weakened a state as he was, he was amazing. His passion for his music is truly cellular and there really is so much left for him to do….so tonight, once again, we continue to need your prayers for both of us to have the strength to keep on going.

Blessings to you all,




Amongst the numerous accolades heaped upon Delaney during his days on the earth, perhaps few are more impressive than the musical legends who point to Delaney as their musical mentor – Eric Clapton, who this day credits Delaney for pushing him to sing and teaching him the art; George Harrison, who first had a slide put in his hand by Delaney, who quickly taught George how to use the slide, a lesson that led to the song “My Sweet Lord;” J.J. Cale and Bobby Whitlock.