Laura Reed and Deep Pocket

lrdp1.jpgWhen you look at the childhood of Laura Reed, and the time spent growing up both in South Africa and the rich, cultural American South, there is no wonder that this special young lady has a unique talent.  She has a sultry stage presence that's only outdone by her soulful pipes.

Backed by a groove laden band, Deep Pocket, Laura and her boys churn out a great mix of R&B, soul, and straight ahead funk.  Ryan Burns knows his way around the keys, offering piano, Hammond and synth to the band's sound.  He is joined by Ben Didelot on bass, combining with his rhythm partner, Jimbonk behind the kit, to create a solid foundation for some backbreaking funk.  

They have shared the stage with a diverse range of artists – the list includes the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Sam Bush and Ike Stubblefield – which proves there is certainly more than one dimension to their music. They seem to adapt to the musical space that surrounds them.

Laura and Deep Pocket recently put out their debut album, Soul:Music.  It is great representation of the band's sound, but does not serve as a replacement for seeing the songstress and her funky boys in action.  They hail from Asheville , North Carolina, but can be found touring the country, especially the Southeast.   

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