KISS, 3/30/12

Woldenberg Park
New Orleans, LA
March 30, 2012



Apparently the NCAA wanted the best. Well, they got the best. Yep, you guessed it; as part of the NCAA Final Four celebration in New Orleans, preseneted by AT&T, thousands of fans braved abysmally wet and rainy weather conditions  for a free show in the city’s Woldenberg Park,  headlined by the one, the only… KISS.  Doing pretty much the same thing that they have done for every other show in this era, Paul made smooch faces and Gene spat blood and breathed fire while “Ace” and “Peter”  focused on the guitar and drums so that there could actually be music.There was also lots of pyrotechnics.

Bottom line:the crowd loved it and it was once again proven that rock and roll, in its most glam and awesome form, is still very much alive and kicking, even when it can get the senior discount at the local buffet.




Modern Day Delilah,  Shout It Out Loud, Deuce,  Hotter Than Hell (Gene breathes fire),  Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll,  Shock Me,  Calling Dr. Love,  I Love It Loud,  Bass Solo
(Gene spits blood),  100,000 Years,  Love Gun,  Black Diamond,  Detroit Rock City

Encore:   Lick It Up,  Rock And Roll All Nite


Click the thumbnail(s) to view photos from the show by Jeffrey Dupuis