Kick Rocks, 9/10/12

Kick Rocks
Brooklyn Bowl
New York City, NY
September 10, 2012



If the performance at the Brooklyn Bowl was any indication, the conclusion is clear: with Kick Rocks, Jon Gutwillig, guitarist and founding member of The Disco Biscuits, has found a “side-project” to rival that of his Bisco brethren, Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner (Conspirator). But while Gutwillig is unquestionably the front man, one would be remiss to consider the ensemble to be all all about the Barber. Rather, the quartet that puts giants of the genre together, is a collective that is capable of rarely found fluidity in cases where four different people from four different successful bands are put into one outfit… especially when said outfit plays more than one gig together.  In short, and in what proved to be the most  discussed topic after the gig in Brooklyn, Kick Rocks is Mike Greenfield (drums- Lotus), Eli Winderman (keys- Dopapod), Clay Parnell (bass- Brothers Past) and as noted above, Jon Gutwillig.

But no matter how good the “pending supergroup” is, how well the different members’ sonic heritages blended with the others, how great the fan interaction was between the various stage-represented factions or even how much fun the four Side Kickers appeared to be having onstage, the longing for the Biscuits remained eternal amongst the vivacious dance and crazed hoots.

Afterward, those that had the guts openly shared their hope that the KR project will prove to be a source of rejuvenation for Gutwillig, a guy whose signature sound, in part, spawned a following that gave electronic improvisational rock a place to dine at the “jam” table; for the less optimistic: that the band’s less than warm moniker is not an odd and shitty way to part ways with those whose stylings complimented his more than any other’s ever could.


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