Keller’s KIDS a no-brainer


The biggest kid on the jamband scene making a record specifically for kids?  A no brainer.

The only question may be why did it take Keller so long?

As a parent subjected to countless hours of Nick Jr, coloring books and Duplo blocks, I can say that the disc is a breath of fresh air and a must for any parent on the quest for family-friendly tunes.

It seems like every time I write a column here, it’s kid-related. It makes sense, I guess, because with a four-year-old, a one-year-old, a job, eating and breathing, I have approximately seventeen minutes per day to actually think for myself.

But, writing a column about Keller Williams’ disc, Kids…well, that just made too much sense.

This was supposed to be a CD review, but that would have been too easy – a column on how that disc affects my family – that’s something any parent can relate to. These days, there does seem to be ample music out there directed for the young folk that a parent can get on board with. Ziggy Marley released an album, and the McCoury family put out a great disc, and there’s the ever-present Garcia/Grisman release.

But, while those discs are by artists for children, Kids may be the first disc that’s basically made for children by the guy who made his career out of playing with toys on stage, and it really reflects in the music. 

How do I know this?

Because it’s not a far cry from what he releases for adults, and I’ve found myself listening to it even when my kids are NOT in the car.

Now, the subject matter is clearly written for kids. Songs like "Car Seat," "Keep It On The Paper" and "Taking A Bath" aren’t metaphors – the words mean what they mean, and my son understands the lyrical content. But, they’re fun whether you’re 8 or 80.

The only thing annoying – which is no result of the music itself – is that the songs are SO catchy that I’m forced to listen to them over and over – we don’t get listen to "Horseback Rider" once. It’s always "play it again!" Fortunately, the songs are all short enough (no song even reaches four minutes)  for the youngest attention span, so when I have to listen to a track on repeat, it’s taking up less time than it does for me to listen to what I’d normally have on.

So, for you parents out there on that endless quest for new family-friendly music, Keller Williams’ Kids is pure win. Even if you’re not a Keller fan in general, it’s definitely better than the alternative – purple dinosaurs.