Keller Williams to release 12 in December

Keller Williams has been called guitar’s mad-scientist, a one-man band for the new millennium, and dozens of other clever sobriquets dreamed up by fans and music journalists trying to get a handle on his uplifting and ever-shifting style of music.  Though Keller’s music has evolved since he first started playing music over twenty years ago, some things have remained constant: Keller is a prolific artist, an exceptional guitarist, and an accomplished songwriter.  Now, Keller’s twelfth album release looks back at a ground-breaking and already remarkable career. 

Aptly titled 12 , the album features one standout song from each of his previous eleven releases.  Keller himself dubs this his album of “hitless greatest hits.” Added to the mix is one new, previously un-recorded song.  While the Keller Williams adventure has only just begun, 12 is a fantastic celebration of a musical milestone.  Look for 12 in stores on December 18, 2007 on SCI Fidelity Records.  See the tracklist below.

Also this fall, Keller Williams and The WMD’S will tour the east coast. The WMD’S features Williams on guitar/vocals, Keith Moseley on bass (The String Cheese Incident), Gibb Droll on guitar (Marc Broussard), and Jeff Sipe on drums (Aquarium Rescue Unit, Trey Anastasio, Susan Tedeschi, Phil Lesh).  The WMD’S debuted at select festival performances this past summer, including an epic and electrifying Bonnaroo show.  Their November run of shows brings them to indoor venues for headlining shows.  For tour dates visit


12 track list: 

1. Turn In Difference

2. Anyhow Anyway

3. Tribe

4. Breathe

5. More That a Little

6. Freeker by the Speaker

7. Butt Sweat

8. Apparition

9. Keep It Simple

10. Local

11. People Wathcin’

12. Freshies