Keller Williams : odd

keller_williams_odd.jpgThe return of Keller Williams yields enough excitement to leave one in anticipation of his cd, odd. A collection of studio outtakes and freshly recorded material, odd has Williams exploring themes that are universal, performed in his trademark one-man band mode.

Beginning with "Environmental Song," Williams trades his low-key bantering with a catchy drum machine imposed riff. Keyboard noodling propels Williams to inject his brand of humor into "Day at the Office." "Elephorse" may be the "odd" composition that graces Williams’ new album, and "Doobie in my Pocket" is an appropriate slice of paranoia that sticks tight in the throat.

Overall, odd is Keller Williams at his fun, playful and expansively meandering best. And, that’s not so odd.  

odd is out now on SCI Fidelity.