Kate Campbell : Save the Day

campbell_save_day.jpgFolk singer Kate Campbell paints vivid landscapes with her guitar and pen on another milestone recording, Save the Day. Drawing inspiration from sources as varied as Frederick Buechner, Langston Hughes, Harper Lee and an old stained-glass window, Campbell somehow molds everything together to make a complete vision.

 A revered songwriter, Campbell’s explorations on 2006’s For the Living of These Days, 2005’s Blues and Lamentations and the 2003 gem Twang on a Wire have won many converts among her contemporaries, and she receives backing help from John Prine and Nanci Griffith. Prine assists with his presence on the well-worn old friend, "Looking For Jesus." "Back to the Moon" and "Everybody Knows Elvis" form a trio along with the stellar track "Falling Out of Heaven" to increase the tempo on Save the Day, salvaging it  from the usual folk album pitfalls.

Campbell’s extensive association with producer and multi-instrumentalist Walt Aldridge is to blame for the high-quality sound and well-balanced content that makes Save the Day special. Add in Tommy Harden on drums, Dave Jacques and Alison Prestwood on bass along, Spooner Oldham on piano, and Campbell has one of the best support groups in all of music. But, Save the Day’s vast, rich forays into folk, gospel and pop-rock are largely attributable to Kate Campbell, and her common touch on this project is an open-ended invitation to the entire world.        

Save the Day is out now on Large River Music.