Josh Phillips leaves Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band

Singer, guitarist, and percussionist of Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band Josh Phillips has announced that he is leaving the Booty Band in pursuit of his new project, Josh Phillips Folk Festival. The break up is on good terms and you can surely expect to see Josh performing with the Booty Band from time to time in the future.

Though the Folk Festival plays some of the same songs that Josh has written with the Booty Band, the overall vibe is more song oriented and less of the party vibe that is synonymous with the Booty Band experience.  While the music seamlessly bounces between folk, world, reggae, and R&B, the common theme of the music is heart felt lyrics with a strong focus on the song itself.

"I don’t want to be bound to a single style when I sit down to write a song because  you can easily get away from expressing the real way that you feel at that moment in time.  What I do strive for is to write songs when I am in a clear, thoughtful, and honest headspace that feels good for me to sing and also for others to hear out loud; a way for us all to connect and realize though situations are different, we all go through a lot of the same feelings."

Josh Phillips Folk Festival new ep For Today Premix is available now online and at Folk Festival shows, and the full length album "Wicker" scheduled to be released the first week of September.  The well written, wide range of songs include performances by members of Acoustic Syndicate, Toubab Krewe, The Blue Rags, STRUT and many others.  You can also check out their first music video "Movin On" on You Tube, or on their website

Have no fear, this is not the end of the Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band.  The Booty Band has an exciting summer schedule and with recent recordings and a collaboration with George Clinton & P Funk, Galactic, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Lee Boys, and many others, the Booty Band is quickly evolving and finding it’s unique, new sound.  And you can expect an album debut of this collaboration, known as "The Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown," out soon.  Find out more about this release and more news about the Booty Band at