Jon Spencer goes Way Out With Heavy Trash

Going Way Out With Heavy Trash, the new album from danger-makers Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray, is the greatest salvo of passion and grind out of the artists to date.  It’s a torrent of cut-throat twang, a nitro-burning joy ride that drives hot-rodded guitars and battered tube amps to their earthly extremes!!! 

Jon Spencer cannot stop!  His name is synonymous with high-energy deliverance!!  He is the hardest-working man in the game today, a soul on fire, exploding across the starry sky like a Phantom jet!!!  Riding shotgun is the most feared guitar man in the world, the Lower East Side Studio Svengali and Master of the Analog Sound, Mr. Matt Verta-Ray, who cuts audiences to ribbons with dagger riffs from his atomic-powered Gibson rockabilly blast box!! 

But Heavy Trash goes deeper than just rock, rock, rock…

Yes, Heavy Trash rassles with the Sun Sound, echoing slap-back sludge and gurgling the dark hoodoo groove!  Yes, Heavy Trash twangs and shivers in the cold moonlight!!  Heavy Trash rhythms and blues, Heavy Trash punches and weaves…  there are songs for listening and songs for dancing, sad songs, happy songs, and songs that will make you burn with fever. The words of these songs reflect the folly, the joy or the sadness in our lives, and Jon’s voice illustrates each mood with such precise honesty, taking you on a thrill ride to the depths of human emotion.

Influences? Jon and Matt give channel the way out vibes of rock’n’roll’s grooviest gris-gris monsters, from Charlie Feathers and the Gun Club to Waylon and Johnny, Reigning Sound, Link Wray and the beat’em down beats of Howlin’ Wolf   — deep American roots music that pumps blood to your heart and rattles your  brain; music that aims to leave you exhausted and satisfied and succeeds.

Through their fine recordings, as well as personal appearances, Jon and Matt’s talent is on call 52 weeks of the year. But the Heavy Trash phenomenon is bigger than even these two giants of soul: they need three complete bands to get it all done!  Right now it would be difficult to draw boundaries on Heavy Trash Way Out Rock’n’Roll. Working with some of the finest musicians from Canada, Denmark, Far Rockaway, and laying tracks in London, Boston, and the Lower East Side, Heavy Trash Way Out Rock’n’Roll is as big as the globe.

Says Mr. Spencer: “Way Out grew from our insane touring methods… three different studios, in three different cities, each with a different live band, each with a different sound.  The Sadies at Camp Street studio in Boston…The Danish guys (Tremolo Beer Gut/Powersolo) at Toe Rag in London with Liam Watson, and the New York crew at home in Matt’s place with Ivan Julian behind the desk.”

Clever, witty, original, inventive, spontaneous, rockin, raw, sweaty, soulful, good-looking . . . how can one fully describe Heavy Trash? Perhaps the adjective most used by those of us who know is "out!" Heavy Trash is “out,” as you’ll understand when you hear this album, their most Way Out
collection of songs to date!