Joltwagon : Whyanosis

joltwagon_whyanosis.jpgAsheville, North Carolina’s Joltwagon have released a new album, Whyanosis, that grows on the listener with each listen.

Starting fast out of the gate with the breezy instrumental laden, "Why Are You," Joltwagon’s glue of rock, bluegrass and blues sticks tight in the brain, and refuses to let go. "Cumberland Daydream" is a fused mix of styles, highlighting the talents of guitarist David Bradshaw and banjo/fiddler Dalton Stansbury. Bassist Greg Sipes and drummer Jamie Hurlston add an anchoring sway to the monster grooves on "Lighter Than Air." "Hummingbird" again pairs Bradshaw and Stansbury with startling results.

Produced by Sipes, Whyanosis is full of high quality roots-oriented compositions that aren’t afraid to swing mightily. Joltwagon’s second foray into the connection of blues and bluegrass is a dizzying marvel that has the flight of a sky-sweeping kite in springtime.  

Whyanosis is out now on Goldang!