JoJo at the Bluebird

JoJo Hermann
Bluebird Cafe
Nashville, TN
November 29, 2006

At the end of November, Widespread Panic's John "JoJo" Herman made his first ever appearance at Nashville's legendary Bluebird Cafe, an honor usually reserved for the elite songwriters.  JoJo brought his old friend, Sherman Ewing, along to open the show; Ewing later join Hermann on guitar during his performance.  The musician's appearance somewhat rewrote the rules of the very starch venue.  Usually a somewhat stiff environment with no talking and very little tolerance for distraction, loosened with the appearance of new faces to the Bluebird.  People partied outside in the parking lot and socialized inside the small club as JoJo performed material from Smilin Assassins and some of his heroes (staying away from Panic material as he said by choice).  Most of the night he played an upright piano, but picked up the guitar for a great section of songs.  Very light heartedly he conversed with the crowd and at one point made fun of himself for not having any picks to go with his guitar.