John Hughes : Reset the Warehouse


STS9’s second job is that of tastemaker; since the band’s inception, it has prided itself in exposing its electronic influences by way of opening slots, remix albums, and now a record label, 1320 Records.

Perpetuating the band’s strong reputation is the release of veteran artist and Hefty Records founder John Hughes’ Reset the Warehouse. The album’s13 tracks reflect an improvisational feel, Hughes tinkering with skittering beats, swirling synths, and shifting samples. While the album has its share of interesting, abstract musings, (“A Reflection of the Times,” “Naphtha Jets”), Reset the Warehouse finds its stride when toying with chillwave grooves on “Waukee Wallop,” “Another One,” and “You Don’t Love Me.”

Reset the Warehouse is a proud accomplishment for John Hughes; an electronic album that balances gingerly between concrete and transcendental. But for STS9, it is a release that further affirms that the quintet is single-handedly channeling the today’s freshest, cutting-edge electronica to the masses.


Reset the Warehouse is out now on 1320 Records.